MPC Channel represents the latest Harrison digital signal processing platform ported directly from the MPC5 large format digital film console DSP and Xtools.

Single License Price: $1,500.00 USD

MPC Channel is designed exclusively for large format film post production applications. This product is the result of an intense collaboration with our many OSCAR and BAFTA-winning collaborators.

MPC Channel is an AAX / Pro Tools compatible plugin that includes customized layouts for the Avid S6, S3, Dock, D-Command and D-Control surfaces with dedicated ProTools features such as EQ curve display and dynamics gain reduction meter. Watch the demo video by Production Expert.

MPC Channel 'AAX' for audio post production in Nashville TN

8-Band Parametric EQ

The MPC Channel uses Harrison's 8-band parametric EQ with selectable shapes per band, including HP/LP, shelves, bell and notch filters. Harrison's renowned filters are provided for intensive cleanup tasks, with selectable shapes including filters up to 48dB/octave and wide-bottom notch filters. Extensive spectrum analysis tools including Harrison's own "Lightning" mode, which provides an intuitive view of both average and intermittent peaking frequencies. Our RTA display maintains full resolution in the critical low-frequency ranges.


DeNoiser algorithm from Harrison's renowned XTools hardware DSP solution: a quick and easy way to fix noisy dialog using dynamically adaptive filters.


De-Esser algorithm from Harrison's renowned XTools hardware DSP solution with built-in RTA to display the problematic sibilant frequencies.


Compressor section with a unique Program Dependent mode which automatically adjusts the Attack and Release times based on the dynamic character of the source. Harrison's MPC compressor is specifically tuned for film dialog and FX tasks.

Automatable Routing Order

Automatable routing order of the Filter, EQ, DeNoiser, DeEsser, and Compressor stages with output trim and Polarity switch. This is a game-changing feature for our post & film users!

Additional Features

  • Glitch-free automation optimized for film and post-production mixing tasks.
  • Resizable UI, and selectable light/dark themes. Attention to detail for knob sensitivity and feel: optimized for post/film tasks.
  • Comprehensive options to momentarily listen to each stage separately, or momentarily bypass any stage.
  • Multichannel-aware: use the MPC channel on your surround stems.
  • Multi-mono capable.
  • Instantiate 100's of MPC Channels on a system to recreate the Harrison MPC console processing experience in Pro Tools and/or across an Avid control surface.


MPC Channel is available for purchase exclusively from Harrison.

Email for ordering information and for special bulk and site license pricing.