Mixbus VBM

Mixbus VBM (Virtual Broadcast Mixer) is the world's first cloud-ready audio mixer designed specifically for live broadcast and corporate communications.

Cloud-Ready Broadcast Mixer

Mixbus VBM is Harrison's solution for enterprise-scale live broadcast and corporate communications running in a cloud instance.

VBM provides a broadcast-friendly architecture: 4 dedicated Program buses, 4 virtual Lobbies so talent (contributors) can communicate with each other outside of the Program, an automatically-generated mix-minus for each contributor, and a master monitoring system for the console operator.

VBM is optimized for audio input and output using the popular NDI internet streaming format, but our flexible plugin architecture allows the connection of other streaming formats, present or future.


Mixbus VBM software based broadcast production mixer

Additional Features

  • World-class signal processing and user interaction ... only from Harrison
  • Mini-mixer for each output provides visual feedback of the signal flow, plus manual level controls
  • VCA faders allow arbitrary grouping of input or output channels
  • IFB compressor on every mix-minus: ducks the talent's program feed when a producer talks to them
  • Full monitoring system with solo modes and options, speaker level controls, and flexible metering
  • Supports mono, stereo, or multichannel input plugins
  • Configurable screen layout, with shortcuts to focus on inputs, mix-minus feeds, VCA's or programs
  • Dedicated support for the iCon QCon ProX 9-fader expandable control surface

Mixbus VBM is available for purchase directly from Harrison, and includes a recurring support contract. Email info@harrisonconsoles.com for ordering information.

For turnkey studio applications Mixbus VBM is available for purchase from Advanced Systems Group (ASG) visit www.asgllc.com for more information.


MixbusVBM Manual