AVA Bass Flow

An all-in-one signal processing suite for mixing bass instruments.
The Bass Flow plugin now available on the SSL eStore

Taking a similar approach to AVA Vocal Flow, Bass Flow combines the four processing sections in the familiar “Flow” format, the usefulness of this is something you only become aware of as you use the plugins as the attention to detail when it comes to the ability to audition at different points in the processing chain, to solo individual sections and importantly to be able to adjust levels in and out of the whole plugin, and the individual sections isn’t exciting or attention-grabbing but does make it easy to make good, objective decisions without just going with the louder option.

- Julian Rodgers @ Production Expert

AVA Bass Flow is a channel strip plugin designed for mixing bass instruments. It contains 4 routable processing elements and a master section with input, output, and routing controls.

Watch a demo of the Bass Flow Plugin

AVA Drum Flow for audio post production in Nashville TN