832c 8-Channel Filter

The 832c Filter Unit includes eight channels of high-pass/low-pass filters from Harrison’s world-renowned 32-series console—providing classic Harrison sound for recording and mixing in a convenient 1U space.

Each channel features in/out buttons (marked “HP” and “LP”), a “Bump” button, two sweepable filter knobs, and a 7-segment LED input meter.

The variable filter knobs adjust the desired frequency when the filters are engaged. The HPF knob (red) allows adjustment from 25Hz to 3.15KHz. The LPF knob (white) allows adjustment from 180Hz to 20KHz.

When engaged, the unique “Bump” button creates a resonant “boost” just above the selected HPF frequency—re-creating the signature low-end of the Harrison 32-series consoles. This feature keeps instruments from sounding thin when you roll off the unwanted low frequency energy. Combined with proper execution of the low-pass filter, the “Bump” feature makes the 832c the perfect tool to fatten kick drums, beef up bass lines, and add body to guitar tracks—all while cleaning up the low end of a mix.

The audio connections are provided on AES59 (Tascam DB-25) connectors. These connectors match the output of the Lineage Mic Preamp. When used in tandem, the 832c Filter Unit and the Lineage Mic Preamp provide a complete 8-channel input section with preamp, filters, and metering.