32cs Microphone Preamp and Channel Strip

The 32cs provides one channel of the legendary Harrison 32 series console sound in a convenient 1U rack space! Harrison 32 series consoles have been used to record and mix iconic albums from a multitude of legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Kansas, Queen, and many more! Each Harrison 32cs unit is hand-built in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, using the highest-quality parts and construction.

32cs Features

Input section with transformer-coupled mic preamplifier
Switchable high and low-pass filters with HPF "Bump" feature
4 band semi-parametric EQ with switchable Shelving/Bell modes
Switchable insert point that may be moved pre- or post- filters
Zero-latency analog monitoring/mix section with high-powered headphone output
Comprehensive I/O using no-compromise, differentially-balanced connections
Colored LED indicators above each switch that clearly indicate when the switch is engaged
Laser-etched front panel for long life.

Input Section

The input section of the 32cs features a Lundahl input transformer and Harrison's classic mic preamp design with over 70dB of gain. Switchable selections include front-panel input jack, hi-z instrument loading, phase-invert, -20dB pad, and true 48v phantom power. There's also a 6-segment LED meter to monitor the incoming level.

Insert Switches

The insert switches enable the rear insert jacks for pre or post-filter external processing. Insert sends are always active, while the switch enables the return path either pre-filter or pre-EQ. This allows the mic preamp to be used separately from the EQ. In this case, the filters can be inserted in the mic preamp block or the EQ block by using the pre/post switch.


Filter Section

The filter section provides separate on/off switches for the high and low-pass filters. The filters use the wide overlapping ranges that were pioneered by Harrison in the 32-Series consoles. The high-pass filter features a switch for Harrison's popular "Bump" feature—which provides a resonant boost above the selected frequency. This helps keep instruments from sounding too thin when low-end energy is rolled off.

EQ Section

The EQ section is the same as that used in Harrison's iconic 32-Series recording consoles. Four bands with widely-overlapping frequency ranges are provided. The "Low" and "High" controls default to shelving, but can be individually switched to a bell curve. In "Bell" mode, all four bands provide a proportional-Q design that imparts a wide bandwidth when making small adjustments, and a narrower bandwidth as gain is added. This allows the EQ to work as a tone control or a surgical tool, as needed.

Analog Monitoring Section

The analog monitoring section provides true zero-latency monitoring of the 32cs output blended with a stereo 2mix. This allows DAW users to take the 32cs on the road and track directly into their computer without an external mixer. The "blend" knob controls the mix between the 32cs output and the 2mix input. A mute switch and level knob feed the high-power headphone amplifier and rear line-level speaker connections, so you can work with headphones or small powered speakers while on the road.


  • Front panel input: combo jack (1/4" instrument, and XLR microphone/line input)
  • Front panel headphone output: 1/4" TRS with high-power headphone amplifier
  • Rear panel input: XLR mic/line input
  • Rear panel main out: XLR line-level output with Harrison's discrete output stage*
  • Rear panel "insert": XLR line input and output, fully balanced*
  • Rear panel "2mix" input: (2) XLR line inputs
  • Rear panel monitor output: (2) XLR line outputs*

*All outputs are fully-differential balanced, suitable for broadcast-standard 600ohm loads