32C Vocal Intensity Processor

The Harrison 32C Vocal Intensity Processor provides a "greatest hits" collection of features from Harrison's analog console heritage, our AVA plugins, and our Mixbus32C workstation.

"...a really clever tool for content makers who are not versed in sound... you can slam into that Limiter and it doesn't fall apart. The KISS principle really works well... 32C VIP simplifies things down to the basic essence."

- Ian McLoughlin - Veteran Recording / Re-Recording Engineer

Harrison's new cross-format 32C Vocal Intensity Processor plugin brings Harrison's True Analog sound to your digital audio workstation in your studio... and will change the way you think about mixing "in the box".

Provided in all major workstation formats: AAX (ProTools), AudioUnit (Logic), VST3 (Cubase/Nuendo) and VST for nearly any host.

32C-VIP for audio post production in Nashville TN

32C Vocal Intensity Processor

System Requirements

Minimum Specifications
Minimum Specifications are suggestions only, and may change at any time.
We highly encourage you to try the free DEMO to determine if the plugins work on your setup.

OS version:

  • Mac OSX: 10.9 or newer required
  • Windows: Win7 or newer required
  • Linux: Please try the demo

Host DAW support:

  • ProTools: 10.3.5 or newer required for Windows, 11 or higher required for Mac. Enable the AAX format during installation
  • Logic: Enable the AU format during installation
  • Cubase: Enable the VST and/or VST3 format during installation
  • Most other workstations: Enable the VST format during installation

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