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Mixbus supports VST/VST3/AU



Mixbus Offer FAQ

  • Can I download the multi-tracks that are provided with the training videos? Yes!
  • Do I need a previous version of Mixbus to get this offer? No!
  • Is this offer for the latest version of Mixbus? Yes!
  • Does Mixbus require a subscription? No! You may use Mixbus v7 in perpetuity
  • Will Mixbus run on my computer? Yes! Works on Mac, PC, and Linux
  • Will Mixbus work with my audio interface? Yes! Mixbus works with any audio device already enabled on your computer
  • Does Mixbus have a track count limitation? No! Mixbus allows an unlimited number of tracks
  • Does Mixbus require an internet connection to use? No!
  • Does Mixbus require iLok? No!
  • Does Mixbus have built-in plugins? Yes!

ACE Amplifier

ACE Delay

ACE Reverb


ACE Compressor

ACE Gate

ACE Inline Scope with Inline display

ACE Inline Spectrogram with Inline display

ACE MIDI Monitor with Inline display

x42 MIDI filter plug-ins

x42 Stereo Routing

x42-Digital Peak Limiter with Inline display

ACE High/Low Pass Filter with Inline display

Included Instrument plugins

x42 SetBfree modeled tonewheel organ

General MIDI Synth

RedZep drum instrument

Black Pearl drum instrument

ACE Fluid Synth

ACE Reasonable Synth

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The Critics Agree on Mixbus!

Bobby Owsinski Inner Circle Podcast on Mixbus- "Within the first 5 seconds I knew! That's all it took. It's like; Oh yeah, this is better. It was big, it was fat, it was round, it was analog. It had an analog feel to it and you could tell immediately!" 

"I have to say that I was very impressed by the workflow and the sound it offers." -Sound on Sound

"Mixbus keeps getting better and better. It's easy to see why so many people are moving to the platform..." -Recording Magazine September 2017 edition.

"Harrison has done a good job of translating the analog-console vibe and sound to its software." "...really does feel more mixer-like. And it sounds great." -Mix

"it’s got great workflow and sounds fantastic."- Guitar Interactive magazine

"It’s almost like you have to go out of your way to obtain a bad sound out of the stock elements of Mixbus." Rating 92% Brilliant - Bedroom Producers Blog

Why Harrison Mixbus?

With dozens of DAWs to choose from, there's only one that's designed to work like a Harrison: with an analog paradigm that embodies form, function, and sound. MIXBUS is the first full-featured DAW with true analog style mixing. Where other DAWs use a computer paradigm, MIXBUS grows from Harrison's distinguished 40-year heritage of platinum records such as: 

  • Michael Jackson "Bad" and "Thriller" 
  • Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation"
  • Queen "The Game"
  • Sade "Sweetest Taboo"
  • Paul Simon "Graceland"
  • Supertramp "Breakfast in America"

And many more by Phoenix, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, U2, Madonna, Mike Oldfield, and Frank Zappa.

Mixbus is The Fastest Growing DAW in The Industry!

Incredible Value

Mixbus users often ask: "How can a full-featured DAW be so inexpensive?"

We want as many people as possible to experience Harrison's Mixbus for themselves; and to become long term Mixbus users; so we are offering this version at an incredible value.

What Makes Harrison Unique?

Harrison Trion Console

In the 80's, Harrison developed fully automated, digitally-controlled analog mixer technology which was adopted by premiere film-mixing facilities. When the digital revolution came, we were asked to convert the analog "processor" into a digital processor, while leaving the control surface unchanged. This experience has provided us with techniques and proprietary technology that we have incorporated into all of our high-end mixers. Mixbus gives us an opportunity to share this technology with a much wider range of users.

Mixbus Sounds Better

If you find a music recording from the golden age of albums - the 70s and 80s - that has stood the test of time, it is likely that a Harrison console was used during the production. 

More recently, Harrison has been the leader of the high-end film mixing industry. You'll hear the Harrison sound on iconic action movies like Spider-Man, Transformers, and Pearl Harbor.

The Mixbus DSP mixer is designed by the same engineers who developed those high-end consoles. Mixbus is specifically optimized to provide great-sounding EQ, filters, dynamics, and bus summing - all at an incredible value.

We've been developing consoles for over 40 years now. Multiple subtle design decisions, accumulated over a long history, allows Mixbus mixes to sound better than other DAWs.

Mixbus is Ultra-Compatible

Mixbus works on nearly any desktop computer: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Mixbus works on the 3 most popular desktop operating systems and loads industry standard I/O and plug-in formats. Do you collaborate with other Mixbus users? A session from a collaborator using Harrison plug-ins will playback as originally intended, including full performance of all the Harrison plug-in information, even if you have not purchased those specific Harrison plug-ins yourself. Sessions can be shared among Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Analog Console Feel

The original Harrison 32Series console, circa 1975.

Engineers have been mixing on hardware consoles for more than 80 years because that's what works. Need to make a change? Grab a knob and change it. We believe that mixing inside a DAW should be no different and as easy to use as a hardware console. So we make the mixer portion of Mixbus work just like a hardware console, applying precision & proprietary algorithms to provide Harrison's great sounding EQ, Filters, and Dynamics on every channel without the need for additional plug-ins. Mixbus also provides 8 stereo aux mix busses, a stereo master bus with analog tape saturation simulation, a monitor section, and precision summing, all based on Harrison's world-renowned large format analog and digital consoles.

Powerful Editing Features

The Mixbus "editor" window allows you to cut, copy, trim, and arrange your songs with a wide range of tools.

The editing model in Mixbus has been highly refined based on our user's feedback, as well as industry standard "best practices", and includes one of the most powerful and versatile editing suites of any DAW available. 

Watch these videos to see some of the amazing features of Mixbus's editor:

Tempo Mapping

Polarity Maximizer

Already using another DAW? No Problem!

Harrison Consoles

It's a simple and quick process to export your audio files from your current DAW to Mixbus and use the exceptional Mixbus "True Analog Mixing Engine" for your final mix. There's no need to change your current workflow: just add convenience, ease, and sound quality by doing all your final mixing in Mixbus.

About Harrison Consoles

From its Nashville, Tennessee facilities, Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format, professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production, post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording. Over 1,500 Harrison consoles have been installed worldwide, constituting a significant share of the overall world market for high-end audio consoles.

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