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Mixbus32C is the only DAW with a legendary Harrison analog console built in!

Harrison’s ENTRY LEVEL full-featured DAW for creating, recording, editing, mixing and mastering your music.

Includes: True Analog Mixing Engine™ (TAME), console workflow, proprietary DSP, unlimited channel strips, creative MIDI and editing tools, multi-track recorder, Cue "clip" launching and 19 ACE plugins, upgrade and crossgrade discounts.

Mixbus, Digital Audio Workstation Software (DAW) and Music Production

Harrison’s ADVANCED full-featured DAW for creating, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering your music with vintage 32C EQ. more

Includes: Harrison's 32C vintage 32C EQ emulation, new full compressor, new expander / gate, dedicated channel strips, sophisticated editing, MIDI tools, expanded bus routing, multi-track recorder with TapeX™, and Cue "clip" launching.

New! Mixbus32C v9

The latest version in the Mixbus32C evolution expands and improves the sound and workflow of the analog mixing vibe. We added a host of new processing features to the Mixer providing a whole new sound. The new Mixer incorporates years of customer feedback and DSP advancements resulting in a new, expanded, better sounding mixing experience only found in Mixbus32C.

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Plugins, Templates & Add-Ons for Mixbus and Mixbus32C

Additional plugins and template "Packs" for music production, Mixbus by Harrison and third-party developers. Expand the features of Mixbus with these add-ons.

Mixbus add-ons & Plugins
MPC Channel 'AAX' for audio post production in Nashville TN

MPC Channel v4

MPC Channel is an AAX Pro Tools compatible plugin that includes customized layouts for the Avid S6, S3, Dock, D-Command and D-Control surfaces with dedicated ProTools features such as EQ curve display and dynamics gain reduction meter. MPC Channel is available for Mac and Windows and is Apple silicone M1 and M2 compatible.

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Digital Consoles

The MPC5 is Harrison's flagship digital console for motion-picture sound. The MPC is used by an elite group of worldwide facilities for audio post production. There is no bigger or better mixing console anywhere.

Analog Consoles

The 950mx analog console is built in the tradition of Harrison's most successful analog consoles, but optimized for todays DAW-based studios for audio post production. The 950mx uses designs and parts from the pinnacle of analog quality.

A superior analog mixing platform that will effectively complement today’s high performance music studio where investments in powerful Digital Audio Workstation Software and high-end specialized outboard gear are the norm.