Harrison Consoles: XT-TG Tom Tom Gate

XT-TG Tom-Tom Gate

The XT-TG Tom-Tom Gate has 2 special features that you won't find in a regular gate:

The XT-TG learns the tom-tom's sonic character which helps the XT-TG separate the tom hits from the other drum hits nearby. It then only triggers on the the drum "strike", and not sympathetic resonances with other drums.


  • Learns the sonic characteristics of the Tom sound
  • Learns the sonic characteristics of the surrounding "spill" sound
  • The Hold control is the length of time (ms) the XT-TG will remain open, once it has been triggered, allowing you to determine how much or how little of the Tom "ring" you allow though before the XT-TG begins to close.
  • The Release control determines how long (ms) it takes for the XT-TG to close fully once it starts to close.
  • The Depth control sets how many dB of gain reduction is applied when the XT-TG is closed.