Harrison Consoles: XT-MC Multi-Band Compressor

XT-LC Lookahead Compressor

The XT-LC Lookahead Compressor is a compressor that works when others won't. Its lookahead design, with super-fast attack and release properties, makes it able to do things that a regular compressor can't match. Zero-History(tm) release time allows the XT-LC to be used aggressively on very dynamic sources (such as acoustic guitar) while still maintaining a transparent release character.

The XT-LC Lookahead Compressor features very simple controls: Threshold, Ratio, Knee, and Makeup. But don't let the simplicity fool you. This is a very powerful tool for professionals that have tried everything else.


  • Advanced "lookahead" compressor algorithm.
  • Ulta-fast attack and release times with Zero-History(tm) release.
  • Calibrated Input & Gain Reduction meters
  • Threshold control
  • Ratio control
  • Knee control
  • Makeup Gain control
  • Momentary Bypass switch