Harrison Consoles: XT-DS De-Esser

XT-DS De-Esser

The XT-DS De-Esser is Harrison’s transparent, powerful plug-in for taming excessive sibilance of vocal tracks.

The goal of a de-esser is to aid the engineer in finding a vocalist’s harsh “ess” sounds, and attenuate them without making the track sound dull. This is where the XT-DS gives you a unique advantage. The XT-DS implements our proprietary algorithm that is tuned to detect “ess” sounds, while ignoring sounds that have energy in the “ess” band, but aren’t contributing to the sibilance of the track.

The XT-DS features redundant controls to suit any mixer’s workflow. In addition to knobs, a graph with control points allows the mixer to visually adjust the frequency and depth of both the “Ess” and “Hi” bands. An “Auto Solo” feature soloes each band when it is adjusted.

The XT-DS plugin is pre-installed in Mixbus. This license file enables the plugin’s control panel.