Character Plug-in Bundle

The Character Plug-in Bundle is a completely new DSP plug-in from Harrison's R&D department.

The XT-BC is designed to musically alter the tonality and character of bass instruments such as electric bass, stand-up bass, and synth bass.  You can use the XT-BC to beef up a thin recording, subtly change the tonality of an instrument, or attenuate the fundamental of a bloated bass track that is overshadowing other instruments in the low end of your mix.

The XT-VC is designed to alter the tonality and character of vocalists of all ranges.  You can use the XT-VC to add heft to a thin vocal recording, or attenuate the bass of a boomy one.  The XT-VC can dynamically help any singer find their place in the mix.

Both plug-ins provide an easy-to-use featureset.  The “Body” parameter allows you to select an area of the low end that you would like to boost or cut, while the “Clarity” parameter allows you to boost or cut a selected harmonic in the mid to high end.  Unlike a traditional EQ, the XT-BC and XT-VC make frequency alterations based on the note played or sang.  This removes any “guesswork” when using a track EQ.  Because both plug-ins feature powerful note-tracking, you can rest assured that the performance will be kept intact as adjustments are made.

The XT-BC and XT-VC feature Harrison’s world-class, workhorse DSP derived from our flagship digital consoles.  No other plug-in preserves the playability and musicality of your bass instruments like the XT-BC; and no other plug-in breathes life into your vocals like the XT-VC!