Harrison Consoles: Universal Audio 32C

UAD Harrison 32C

The UAD Harrison 32C plug-in is the result of a collaboration between Harrison, Universal Audio, and Bruce Swedien. Countless hit records have been made on a Harrison 32 series console, including Michael Jackson's Thriller - the best-selling album recording of all time.

The UAD Harrison 32C contains four overlapping parametric bands. Each of the Low (40-600 Hz), Low-Mid (200Hz to 3.1 kHz), Hi-Mid (400 Hz to 6 kHz), and High (900 Hz to 13 kHz) bands have fully sweepable Frequency and Gain Controls. Instead of traditional Q controls, the 32C has “circuitry that automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth”, as described in original Harrison documentation, adding to the device’s signature sound. Furthermore, the Low band is switchable from Peak to Shelving EQ. Finally, the Harrison 32C features 12 dB per octave High and Low Pass filters which can be switched in or out. Additional “Digital Only” features include Gain, Phase Reverse, and a global Power switch.

This plug-in is only available for owners of Universal Audio DSP cards.  For more information, click on the UA logo below.