1. Select Mixbus V3

Mixbus DAW with "True Analog MixingTM":

  • Complete DAW with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
  • EQ and compressor on every channelstrip
  • 8 mix buses with eq, compressor, and tape saturation
  • Master bus with eq, compressor, limiter and master metering
  • Free Bundled plugins:
    • Harrison Dyno-Mite ( dynamic effect for drums )
    • x42 SetBFree Tonewheel Organ  ( virtual instrument )
Mixbus V3
(includes free v3.x updates)

2. Select Plug-ins

Plug-in Essentials Bundle
NEW!  Character Plug-in Bundle
NEW!  XT-DS De-Esser

NEW!  XT-EG Expander / Gate
XT-EQ Equalizer
XT-ME Mastering Equalizer

XT-MC Multi-Band Compressor
XT-LC Lookahead Compressor

3. Select Partner Products (these products are developed and supported by our collaborators)

AAF / OMF session importer
for Mixbus
Studio Recording with Harrison Mixbus
Recording / Mixing Tutorial Video
(includes multitrack session files)
x42-Meter Plugin Bundle
Professional Metering plugin bundle

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