Harrison Consoles: 950 Sidecar

Harrison Sidecar

The Harrison 950 Sidecar was designed to match the look and feel of the 950mx Analog Console - but is well-suited to any studio that needs unique, high-end furniture.

The 950 Sidecar boasts a solid, heavy-duty construction featuring extruded aluminum framing and a powder-coated metal finish. In your workspace, it provides a 10-space rack at the desk surface with a generous open-back - providing ample heat dissipation and room for cables.

Harrison designs have always emphasized ergonomics - thus, we have angled the rack space 15 degrees for usability.  The front of the Sidecar features a convenient bolster that accommodates a computer keyboard or controller.  There's also a flat-top panel on the top that provides space for a computer or speaker monitor.

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  • No compromise, heavy-duty construction.
  • Extruded aluminum framing.
  • Powder-coated metal finish.
  • 10-space rack, angled 15 degrees.
  • Open-back design for heat dissipation.
  • Front bolster for computer keyboards or controllers.
  • Large flat-top for computer or speaker monitors.
  • Wire-tie points for cable management.


  • Weight: 88 lbs.