Harrison Consoles: Plug-in Essentials

Plug-in Essentials Bundle:
Reverb, Delay, Dynamics and Sweetening

The Plug-in Essentials Bundle includes 4 great plugins that you'll use on nearly every music mix: a Reverb (GVerb+) , a Delay (3D Triple Delay), a transient compressor/expander (Dyno-Mite), and a width/depth-enhancing effect (Micro-Glide). Special attention was made to keeping the controls super-simple; and providing starting presets that match the most popular techniques.

GVerb+ is not just your typical "run-of-the-mill" reverb. Using two separate processors (one each for the lows and highs), GVerb+ is able to create sounds both familiar and not of this world.

At first glance, you'll notice that all of the presets are available directly on the interface; there are no menus to slow you down! All of the "tried-and-true" settings reside here: realistic rooms, beautiful halls, bright plates, and otherworldly special effects. Just below the presets, you'll find a panel of tweakable controls designed to help you flex your FX muscle. Here, we can regulate density with the early reflections / tails mix knob, and create the illusion of space with the room size and time controls. The input filters, crossover filters, and damping adjustment allow you to tailor the frequency response of the reverb to sit better in your mix. A predelay control helps to define 3d depth, separating the source from the reverb.

The 3D Triple Delay is Harrison's modern take on delay.  To the right of the plug-in are 8 vigorously tweaked presets to get you started without much hassle.  For tweakheads, the 3D Triple Delay includes 3 separate delay taps (Left, Right, and L+R) that can be panned and timed independently upon the plug-in's grid.  Each delay tap includes controls for input gain, output gain, and a fine delay adjustment.

The feedback controls allow you to get even more tweaky.  The first knob allows you to adjust how much the L+R delay tap feeds into the Left and Right taps, or vice versa, which is useful in creating a spatial effect.  The second knob adjusts how much the left and right feed-back into each other, which is good for creating a ping-pong effect.  The third knob adjusts how much each delay tap feeds into itself, creating a tape-style loop delay.  A fourth knob is added to adjust how much HF roll-off occurs over time. An oversampling feature allows the mixer to adjust the quality of the delay's modulation and time-stretching capabilities, when needed.

Dyno-Mite is Harrison's super-simple solution for punching-up and taming drums. Dyno-Mite operates on drum transients, and it can inflate a weak drum set into a slamming powerhouse, or tighten a boomy rock set into an airy jazz kit. With only a single slider for either expansion or compression, Dyno-Mite is very simple to use. To learn more, watch this video.

Micro-Glide is Harrison's super-simple solution for sweetening your lead instruments and vocals. Micro-Glide adds 2 pitch-shifted voices: one above and one below the original track. The width of the pitch shift is defined by the "Detune" knob. The "Delay" knob adjusts from micro-delay to a slapback echo, providing additional 3D depth to the signal. Used in combination, the Micro-Glide knobs can add interesting width and depth to any instrument or voice. To watch the Micro-Glide in action, watch this video.