Harrison Consoles: Object++ Panning

At Harrison, staying ahead of the competition with new technologies has always been our strong point. Our newest large-format console, the MPC5, incorporates all of our new film-mixing facilities, and is the most advanced digital film console available.

Feature-film sound has evolved over the years, but most would agree that it has lagged behind technologies such as 3D picture. To meet this need, Harrison has developed the Object++ Panning Software for Harrison digital consoles. Object++ allows mixers to work with immersive new formats (such as Dolby Atmos and Auro3D) that draw theater-goers into the action without needing 3D glasses.

Object-based mixing allows mixers to break free of the limits imposed by traditional channel-based film panning. This presents an incredible new opportunity for theaters, and mixers who are making sounds for theater releases.

Because Harrison focuses on film mixing, our customers depend on us to solve the problems that come with these new technologies. We set out to develop the most fluid, thorough 3D sound implementation possible, so you can painlessly adopt new 3D sound formats into your workflow. Watch the video below to see how our enhanced feature - Food Groups - helps you manage an immersive mix effectively:

Depending on the workflow, it is sometimes necessary to print stems of the object tracks. For example, after a pre-dub you may have to edit the object tracks to conform to a picture change. By printing the tracks to a Pro Tools recorder, including the panning metadata, you can conform them in a room outside of the dub stage.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to merge workflows using a Harrison console:

Facilities are still developing a workflow that best suits them for 3D sound formats. This is where Harrison really shines. Because our IKIS software was explicitly developed for customization, you don't have to wait on an extended development cycle to adapt the console to emerging workflows. Harrison can do that for you.

Harrison has been the gold-standard console on the mixing stage for over 35 years. The MPC5 bridges workflows of the past, present, and future. Our extensive 3D sound compatibility ensures that a Harrison MPC5 is the perfect choice for mixing in exciting new formats.