Harrison Consoles: IKIS Direct

IKISdirect™ - DAW Control Directly from the Console

The new software package, IKISdirect™, includes product-specific interfaces for workstations and outboard effects. IKISdirect provides the OASIS Ethernet protocol for Pyramix, and the HUI-over-Ethernet control for ProTools and other DAWs.

IKISdirect™ allows Harrison users to map and control the channels of various DAWs directly to the console surface as profile/layers in addition to controlling channels from the console engine. For example: Harrison’s IKIS Control Platform will interface directly with Merging’s ‘OASIS’ (Open Audio System Integration Solution) protocol, allowing tracks in Pyramix to be brought up onto the Harrison console surface for fader, switch, and knob control with real-time metering and display of parameters. Harrison’s unique Profile feature allows on-the-fly configuration, intermixing DAW control strips among regular console channels. Consoles fitted with Harrison’s new PreView™ Waveform displays will present in-line waveforms of DAW tracks right in the console meter bridge.

Now, any IKIS-based Harrison console can not only harness the world’s best digital console signal processing, automation, and monitoring systems, but it can control a wide range of DAWs with NO additional controller hardware purchase – control is achieved directly through Harrison’s new IKISdirect software package.

IKISdirect Benefits:

  • Allows the integration of the Harrison console with the digital audio workstation of your choice.
  • Ability to combine DAW channels with our DSP. Displays appear side-by-side on Harrison’s console surface.
  • Allows many more faders than typical "DAW controllers"
  • No MIDI ports or other hardware required on the DAW, just Ethernet ports
  • Low latency connection is not limited to MIDI speed
  • Rich displays over each channel strip
  • Motorized, touch-sensitive faders
  • Multiple workstations may be connected simultaneously
  • All DAW channels show our scrolling PreView Waveforms

Pyramix control is via the OASIS protocol. The screens above every channel display channel name, stem assignments, EQ graph, dynamics graph, aux sends, input metering, panning, PreView waveform, and various other channel information. The console fader, automation, EQ, and dynamics knobs control the Pyramix mixer elements directly. An unlimited number of Pyramix channels can be controlled simultaneously.

In the case of HUI and Pro Tools, full plugin control is available from every channel strip.  The plugin parameters appear on the TFT above the channel strip, and can be adjusted with the knobs on the surface.

When controlling ProTools, 32 faders can be directly controlled simultaneously. These channels have full control of automation modes, fader/mute/solo/pan/sends, as well as plugin controls for any plugins on the channel.  On the Trion and MPC surfaces, 10 knobs are active for each channel.  This provides knob-per function control over pan, 5 sends, and 4 plugin parameters.  Plugin functions like "compare" are available from the channel buttons.  Since all the controls are placed on the channel strip, there is no reason for a central command panel.  Channels may be moved in "banks" of 32 or single-stepped through the available ProTools channels.  10 or more ProTools systems can be controlled from a single Harrison surface. 

IKISdirect is available on the MPC, SeriesTwelve, and Trion surfaces with IKIS automation.

By allowing full workstation control in addition to the console routing, mixing, monitoring, and communication facilities, IKISdirect provides the benefit of a full-featured workstation controller along with the large-format console features you need in a professional facility.

NEW!  Bricasti Reverb Control

The Bricasti M7 is a great-sounding new reverb with post-friendly, natural-sounding reverbs. IKISdirect provides full remote control (including save/recall and dynamic automation) of up to 8 units. The control screen provides direct access to the Bricasti presets, as well as direct viewing and control of discrete reverb parameters. No more diving down menus, scrolling through presets or hunting for parameters.... this is the fastest reverb hardware controller ever!

NEW!  Slip ProTools regions via Soundmaster ION. A collaboration between Harrison and Soundmaster allows you to slip regions very simply. Just press the ATT button on the console - the system will automatically find the ProTools track that is feeding that channel (this can save minutes if you have multiple ProTools playback machines!). Then press the "earlier" or "later" button on the ION screen to slip the region on the timeline.