Harrison Consoles: Future Proofing

Future Proofing

"Future Proofing" is a feature that comes with every Harrison console. Future Proofing is our commitment to provide lifelong hardware support, lifelong software support, and a cost-effective upgrade path for every Harrison console.

Here are some examples of our "Future Proofing" policy:

  • Any analog NuBus MPC or Series12 may be upgraded to digital with a refurbished digital.engine
  • Any digital NuBus MPC or Series12 may be upgraded to IKIS automation
  • Any IKIS-based console can be retrofitted with a TFT meter bridge and waveforms displays
  • Any IKIS-based console can be upgraded from a digital.engine to the Xrange engine
  • Any Xrange engine can be updated to use increased native processing power as it becomes available

This means that a 15-year-old analog MPC can be upgraded up to fully state-of-the-art system including IKIS automation, a TFT meter bridge, and Xrange processing. This upgrade could happen all at once, or be applied over several incremental upgrades.